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We Are Expert in Local Search Engine & Social Media Optimization and Web Development

Social Media Services
Social Media Services

Our services:

Software recommendations: We have hundreds of SEO tools, social media tools. Finding tools to track performance, opportunities, management according to budget, resources and environments is what we do best.

Social media audit: Our team conducts in-depth analysis of your sites’ presence across various social networks and suggests ways to improve it. We provide realistic suggestions tailored to your needs, including niche opportunities, and relevant mainstream tactics.

Competitive analysis: We will make sure your company’s’ videos, blogs, link bait, widgets or community building performs well in today’s extreme competitive circumstances. Our team can identify tactics, potential service providers and action alerts that will boost business operations.

Social profile creation: We can identify what social media networks are participated most and are most popular. We can help create and manage your own social media profiles that will successfully attract visitors and enable two-way conversation.

Badge creation and strategy: We create interactive badges that will reflect your position as an authority that will establish obvious link-benefits.

Widget strategy development: We examine your websites and analyze your company’s benefits from an interactive widget campaign. We identify appropriate widgets, its success probability, your competitors’ activities and how to stay ahead.

Blog design, setup and optimization: We find the best blogging platform based on your needs and help you optimize your blog success.

Blog strategy development: We provide a blog strategy that promotes brand image in the blog community. This includes creating ideas for blog posts, writing posts, and how to comment on other blogs to build awareness.

Community building strategy development: We monitor communities to establish prioritizing of communities. We ca also identify the important conversations in your industry and who to reach out to and how.

Community monitoring: We monitor the communities that are significant for your company, track your brand across those and respond to both positive and negative mentions in a proactive approach.

New hire reviews: We review candidates to find the perfect fit for your company.

What will you gain?

  • Social media is an easy way to learn about your spectators
  • Social media helps target audiences effectively
  • Social media helps find new customers and expand your audience
  • Social media allows you to receive instant feedback from your customers’ perspective
  • Improve market intelligence and get ahead of your competitors
  • Enable you share content easier and faster
  • It helps to generate leads for one third of the cost
  • Creates meaningful relationships with customers
  • Social media lets you increase brand awareness and reach with little budget
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Web development
Web development

What we do?

Web Design & Development: We can develop different web portals (static website, dynamic website e-commerce website) and other web applications. We offer exclusive, standard, and corporate ranked work at an affordable price.

Domain Registration: Our team provides domain name registrations and hosting services from ‘BD Domain’. We register all TLD domains at reasonable packages and price.

Web Hosting: We provide hosting services to hundreds of websites ranging from small to large. The services we offer are web hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, dedicated and managed hosting services.

Web development: Image is everything. Make an unforgettable impression with a site that can do no wrong. Why settle for less than the best? We have many flexible packages.

E-commerce Solutions: We feature e-commerce icons that are exclusively designed by our team.

Magento Customization: Magento is a robust and extremely accessible open source e-Commerce platform. It is an ideal option for websites with thousands of products.

PHP/MySQL Application: We perform dynamic, rich, and advanced development. Our experienced team has been developing and maintaining web application projects all over the country.

Software development: We can comprehend with your companies’ corporate objectives, strategies and fully analyze, build, design, and organize strategic software solutions with state of the art technologies.

Graphic designing / Concept: Our designers develop images to represent ideas you want to communicate with your clients. Images are very powerful and persuasive gears for communication that can convey messages along with emotions.

SMS Marketing: Simple text message marketing can significantly improve business performance. It saves cost and time. It saves paper and the process of stamping.

Data Entry and Conversion: Our team provides cost-effective, high-quality solutions for cost-sensitive data entry and data conversion projects. We guarantee maximum accuracy attractive packages and fast ramp up.

System Operation, Maintenance and Support Services: We provide free support to every client. Here you can find many ways to find solutions to your problems as long as your host or server meets our requiremets.



Strategy development: Out team helps you emphasize your business models, goals and lays the foundation to ensure that your plans remains in progression.

Quality web development: With help of e-commerce and e-shop integrations, most transactions today happen online. Your website needs to have a good first impression for visitors. We make sure that your website is of high quality, well planned, that meets the tastes and preferences of all your clients.

Unique content development and management

We make sure your website is visible while using search engines.

Web analytics

We have web analytic experts skilled in web analytical tools for report generations to maximize your companies’ strategies. Our team looks into critical insights that will help your company achieve greater success and profitability.

Competitive advantage

We are always in line with the latest of technologies and trends in the client system that will ensure you are ahead of your competitors. We are always in line with the latest of technologies and trends in the client system that will ensure you are ahead of your competitors.

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Content Marketing Bangladesh
Content Marketing
Content Marketing

Why do we need it?

The purpose of our service to draw and retain customers by reliably creating and curating pertinent, and valuable information with the intent to change, enhance, and pursue clients’ behaviour. It is a continuous and dynamic process that thrives best when incorporated in to the overall marketing scheme of the company. It focuses on owning media and just simply chartering it.

What we do?

The contents of any website has the ability to create gestures across the web that builds credibility and authority with the audience or clients.

Buyers are motivated with words and contents can help them satisfy their quest in search of answers and help them find solutions to their business problems.

Knowing where your company will fits better into the content marketing development model will help identify how to align strategies in a way more effective way for business men or other customers.

We can help you build an audience that will in turn build your business

The Services We Provide

  • Websites and SEO content
  • Blog content specification
  • Internet banner ads
  • Online video content
  • Email marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Reporting & Analytics

With The Aid of

  • Content Marketing Audit
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Planning
  • Content Marketing Implementation & Creation
  • Content Marketing Measurement & Performance Optimization


  • People seek out and desire good content. All search engines ranks high websites with virtuous content in the search results so that they are readily found by business owners.
  • A proper alignment and assembly of contents is the most ideal way to advertise your business which is a really difficult to do online if not for content marketing.
  • It helps people to know and love your brand
  • Contents generate powerful
  • Valuable information is an important part of advertising which content marketing never fails to deliver.

The idea of content marketing is to create and share valuable content that draws prospects and converts them into customers and customers into repeated customers. It educates people to trust and rely on you that flourishes business in the meantime.

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Mobile Applications Development
Mobile Applications Development
What we do?

  • Iphone and iPad Applications Development
  • Google Android Applications
  • J2ME Applications
  • Symbian Applications
  • Sim ToolKit/ Java Card
  • GPS Tracking & Dispatching
  • Mobile Money Transfers

Mobile applications can include:

  • A game or any other utility that will promote your business
  • An information-providing App diligently linked to your website
  • A product directory with detailed information presented in an interactive way
  • A custom-made App that fits in with the phone operating system operating features

Why do you need it?
iPhone Applications: Our team develops iPhone and iPad applications with up-to-date technologies and the latest trends in UX designs styles. We ensure quickest dispatch time from concept to development at Apple Store.

Android Applications: Android Play Store is home to millions of applications for the Android OS. These applications are ideal for expand your business to millions of users every day with access to Play Store. Our team is one of the leading experts in Android development in Bangladesh.

Windows Application: Our team is highly skilled developers in using Microsoft’s development tools to create to create powerful Windows mobile application. A windows mobile app has the ability to integrate with Windows OS that powers PCs. This is bound to beneficial for your company.

Smartphones are a fundamental part of our daily lives. They have created a revolution that has never been experienced in the industry. The market for smart phones has experience unparalleled growth in the last few years and is still growing rapidly.

What will you gain?

  • Powerful intrinsic functionality of your system
  • Easier and more comfortable access
  • Faster and more enhanced memory
  • It will increase brand popularity
  • Increased customer interaction as new developments will make all types of business communication more pleasant to your customers.
  • Establishment of customer loyalty as people will find it easier to interact with your company. Customers will have greater access to all related and fun apps will boost business as wel
  • It is a great way to increase business returns and together with promotional benefit, subscription a good source of revenue will be created. Hence, all kinds of smartphone development will boost business operations
  • A good edge over your competitors’
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Online Advertising
Online Advertising


  • It helps you reach a vast number audience with a low budget advertisement
  • The target market of your company will become more familiar with brand
  • It will create a god impression and a sense of trust will attract customers
  • It will help local business to reach a wide range of online users
  • It will help increase the number of visitors on your site that will ensure you more leads worldwide. More in turn end in more sales and profit.

Our team continuously strives to be groundbreaking, embracing the eccentric and applying a highly-data driven approach

  • Online Advertising Solution
  • Brand Naming
  • Brand Identity
  • Slogan Development
  • Facebook Advertising
  • Google Ad sense
  • Graphic Design/Logo Creation
  • Stationary Designs
  • Website URL Naming
  • Marketing Collaterals etc.

Why You Need It?

Create Engagement: It is a rendezvous point among the users and the brand. This is considered to be a good branding strategy which helps in promoting the brand. It helps clients gain more trust and develop a bond with the company.

It’s Flexible: The most cherished part of digital advertising is that its timing and viewpoint is very flexible. It decreases and increases accordingly. We can assure your control over the spending and views. You can also control the time and target specific group as per requirement.

Motivation daily: We are able to provide different add every day and make different posts and banners which helps make branding more fascinating. It is an exceptionally good way to promote your brand. It is very creative aspect of branding and is bound to make a good outcome at the end.

Targeted reach: In online advertising we can select the audience with respect to age, class and the targeted people which are more effective.

The online adds are always made in a very attractive manner that is bound to grab attention of the users. We also provide different kinds of animated advertisements which has always been successful to attract customers.

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What will you gain?

  • Achieve the maximum of your online potential
  • Increased Traffic
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Increased Site usability
  • Brand awareness

Our Services

The structure and content of the webpage is only a small fraction of the SEO service but a really important one. Our team performs the best-in-class optimization with our state of the art technologies.

Off-Page Services

Link building report: You don’t have to worry about what quality links we have built for you. You will receive a report every month showing every link that our team has acquired for you

Website traffic reports: Our team integrates with Google Analytics so that our customers can have access to all the important SEO campaign information in one location

What we do?

On-Page Services

  • We conduct a comprehensive research on the key words and key phrases
  • We research and study the competitor’s website
  • We insert key words and Meta tags
  • Content optimization and insertion of reciprocal links
  • Valuable industry citations by seeking out links from various authoritative resources
  • We perform effective content marketing as we offer valuable content that helps your company in building an authority
  • The team conducts website architecture analysis by going through a website and ensuring that public pages are easily found by search engines

Detailed Transparent Report

  • Our team focuses on the quality of the links versus the quantity of the links. We make sure our customers are not left behind while the whole world of search optimization is continuously evolving
  • Because we believe our customers have a right to know of what they are paying for. We are proud of our work and we keep you informed at every step of the process

Link building report
You don’t have to worry about what quality links we have built for you. You will receive a report every month showing every link that our team has acquired for you

Website traffic reports
Our team integrates with Google Analytics so that our customers can have access to all the important SEO campaign information in one location

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